The Obama Administration isn’t going to be happy with Fox News again.

It appears that after only a few months of Obamacare being in effect, you are ready to move on. A new poll from Fox says you don’t think Obamacare is the solution to the healthcare problem.

Fox’s Dana Blanton said, “Over half regret the new law passed. Fifty-five percent wish it never passed, and that includes majorities of young people.”

And there’s more bad news according to Blanton.

“Fifty-one percent say it will be a bad thing for the country. Democrats are alone in thinking the law will be good for the country.

And those ‘invincibles’ were the people the White House was counting on to make the whole system work. Analyst Mark Hatcher says that’s a big problem for the White House.

“If they don’t figure out how to get the younger people in, this thing is going to completely explode. Rates could go up by almost 500%,” Hatcher explained.

A majority of you say that Obamacare will, in the long run, be bad for the country. Why is that? Hatcher says it all comes down to money.

“I am already seeing it. Sticker shock is hitting everybody,” Hatcher stated.

There doesn't seem to be any good news in this poll for Obamacare supporters. Sixty-four percent of you said the law wouldn't have passed if we knew in 2009 what we know now. And almost 80% of you blame the Obama Administration for the botched rollout. That includes 61% of Democrats.