The Democratic candidate for Texas governor says her opponent is avoiding discussion of a bill which would require equal pay for women.  Wendy Davis is trying to make up some ground on Republican Greg Abbott before the fall election.  Political insider Jim McGrath says we're going to see a lot of this over the next eight months.

“I do expect her to kind of go on a number of fishing expeditions,” Mcgrath says, “to kind of figure out if there are some issues where she can get some traction against Greg Abbott.  I don't expect her to have a tremendous amount of success.”

McGrath points out Davis is saying very little about abortion, the issue which vaulted her into the political spotlight.  That's because she knows most voters oppose it.

“The one thing that got everybody all excited about her to start with,” he notes, “is the one thing she stays away from, because she knows where the vast majority of Texans are on that particular issue.”