One Houston cardiologist says the best time to change your bad health habits is today -- even though some researchers say you can reverse the ill-effects after the age of 50.  Dr. John Higgins at UT-Health Science Center says individual physiologies differ, so the age when "there's no going back" isn't a firm one for everybody.

“Don't say to yourself, well, I can turn the clock back later and put it off until later,” Dr. Higgins says.  “You need to get started today.”

Higgins says it's never too late to make a difference when it comes to heart health, but the best time to start is -- right now.

He says those bad habits can affect you in two ways.

“Both a short-term effect, which is reversable, and then a longer-term effect,” he says.  “But, at some point, that longer-term effect becomes irreversable.”