There are many parenting experts that don’t believe you should spank your kids. And now there are some that believe yelling at your kids isn’t a good idea either.

You parents are probably going to shake your head at this one, but the University of Pittsburgh study says yelling at your kids is just about equal to spanking them. Therapist Melody Brooke agrees.

“Yelling is not effective. It’s just like spanking. We do it when we feel out of control and we do it to get control over the child or situation,” Brooke explained. “Their ears are going to close down. Just like yours would as an adult.”

Brooke raised five kids herself. Did she always follow her own advice?

“I have certainly yelled at my kids. I’ve always regretted it. It intimidates them. It confuses them. When you’re out of control they feel out of control,” Brooke said.

Okay, so you shouldn't spank or yell at your kids. What can you do?

“Giving them a cross look is appropriate in some situations. In fact, with my twins, if I gave them a bad look you’d think I slapped the,” Brooke stated.

Brooke also suggests talking to your kids when they do something wrong.

“Kids will respond to that. If they don’t you can take the next step by giving them a timeout,” Brooke said.

The study says you should only yell at your kids to get their attention, like to stop them from running into the street.