Mayor Tom Hayden is encouraging residents in Flower Mound, Texas to read the entire Bible together this year. 

Hayden made the declaration that 2014 was to be the “Year of the Bible” during a council meeting last month.

“I just know that God had put this in my heart, and when it doesn't go away after two years I better act upon it,” he tells KTRH News.

Daily passages will be posted on a website.  They’re meant as way to get back to the values Hayden believes helped shape our country.

“I wanted people to pull up the website and know that the person putting that mail in their mailbox, the person who is selling you groceries or whatever they're doing, hopefully we're all reading the same chapters at the same time,” he says.

But the move hasn't come without criticism.

“I had somebody who made the comment 'Tom we don't want God in town hall,' and my response was God is a part of my life and when I go to town hall, He comes with me,” says Haden.

Hayden insists this isn't anything new, noting President Ronald Reagan made a similar declaration in 1983.

To show your support you can contact the Mayor's Office in Flower Mound at