Not many of us would pay more than a $100 for a hundred dollar bill. But when the new hundred dollar bills are released October 8th, some collectors may go crazy.

We're told some might pay as much as $15,000 for a hundred with a serial number with all zeros ending in 1.

"Never that much money. Now if it were the first hundred dollar bill known to be printed, that's gonna be a premium."

Louis Whitaker of says there'll be 12 of those notes, for each Federal Reserve District.

"Bragging rights, whatever. But if you could say 'I've got the first new hundred dollar bill ever printed...'"

Whitaker says currency collectors are just like any other collectors; they look for the rare and unusual.

"I've had people go through my inventory and look at my numbers and they say 'oh, that's an important number to me' to me it just looks like random numbers. The six is the devil and the this and the that. It all depends on the eyes of the beholder."