Our friends in Sweden have an idea: less work; more play. Some Swedes only work a six hour day. But would that be a good idea in the U.S.?

Employment guru John Challenger of Challenger, Gray & Christmas says one reason the U.S. is the world's top economy is because of our work ethic.

"No question; economic health is tied to the number of hours the workforce works."

But more work doesn't always lead to wealth. Challenger says the typical U.S. worker works 1,790 hours per year.

"If you go to Chile it's 2,029; Mexico 2,226 hours. So there's a lot of variation out there."

Plus, Challenger says less work hours may not be as much about love for workers as it is an attempt to hide a dirty little secret.

"Often when you see this sort of thing it means the country is addressing its unemployment issue by shortening the work week."

Mandating fewer hours means companies have to hire more workers.

Challenger says the Asians outwork us, but the Europeans take much more vacation and work lots fewer hours than Americans.