Aren't we supposed to have flying cars by now? Well, we have self-driving cars. Google has been using such cars to map the world and now Mercedes, Volvo, GM, VW and others are working on similar technology.

KTRH Car Pro Show host Jerry Reynolds can see some value to it, but you'll always wonder if it's safe.

"And it's only gonna take one accident to put a real damper on this whole rage right now."

Auto industry analyst David Stivers thinks consumers will go for it.

"It should be something that the driver can easily change, from self-drive to automatic drive, probably by flipping a lever or pressing a button."

But Reynolds says Americans love to drive and he wonders how many consumers would actually buy a self-driving car -- if they're not ordered to by a tyrannical government.

"People love to drive their cars; I think that's why cars are such a big deal here in the United States. To give up that control, it's gonna be tough for a whole bunch of people."