You’ve heard a lot of lies this year. Many of them were told by people you voted into office. And University of Houston professor Brandon Rottinghaus says the lengths some politicians will go to lie surprises him.

“What is new is the range of the kind of lies people are willing to tell; the kind of bald faced lies people are willing to tell where the truths are so outrageous,” Rottinghaus told KTRH.

And it’s getting harder for politicians to get away with those lies.

“Information is so much easier to get than it used to be. It gets circulated on the internet around the world in a matter of minutes,” Rottinghaus stated.

PolitiFact has put together a list of the biggest political lies of the year. Two of the finalists include Texas Senator Ted Cruz saying Congress was exempt from Obamacare, and President Obama’s constant assertions that you can keep your current health insurance plan if you like it.

In the end, Rottinghaus says no lie beats the one that the President told over and over again.

“That lie is the central most question that is relevant to this major policy initiative,” Rottinghaus explained.

“Politicians don’t think lying is what they’re doing. They think they are spinning,” Rottinghaus said.

And by saying 'you can keep your plan' the spin was out of control.