Are you happy? A new survey from a U.N. group ranks the U.S. the 17th happiest nation -- behind Mexico -- and says, overall, the world is a half-percent happier now than it was a few years ago.

Media critic Jeff McCall is skeptical of the group's ability to measure this.

"I just think there are so many factors it's really hard I think to even try to do this exercise and I think any information we see from this organization's report should be taken with a big grain of salt."

Professor McCall says it's hard to believe anyone's gotten happier in the past few years, because the nation is so divided over politics. But maybe a bunch of happy Swedes make up for our unhappiness and raise the overall world happiness level.

However, McCall says Ignorance may be bliss.

"Talk radio listeners are generally well-informed and they understand the issues of the day and they understand that the economy is not roaring back, in spite what some politicians try to tell us, and I think they're more concerned about the broader social influences in our nation right now."