One of musician Willie Nelson’s four tour buses is generating lots of buzz for popular online classified ads website, Craigslist.  The retro bus used by the famous Texas musician and his band decades ago was posted to the website this week and the ad has since been deleted by the author. Bidding ends this weekend. 

Although the bus may have some miles on it, the photo shows it still in mint condition.

Alen Vidovic is the seller of the restored 1983 Eagle Bus.  He says that as of Friday morning, the highest bid is from a private buyer in Dallas willing to shell out $36,000 to take the legendary bus home.

Within just five days of listing the bus for sale online, Vidovic says he has been contacted close to 100 times.

If you’re wondering what makes this bus so popular years later, here is a breakdown of some its amenities and features: 

-          The bus has undergone complete cleaning, restoration, and a new paint job

-          Has four air conditioners and a generator

-          Sleeping room for up to eight people

The only down side a potential buyer might see, is that is gets just 7 miles per gallon. Nelson’s driver during the 80’s, Johnny Temples of the Florida Coach company, recalled the bus said the bus was named Scout before it was  changed to Me & Paul, in honor of 1985 record with the same name.  The bidding for this famed tour bus closes today so we’ll know soon whether or not it will stay in Nelson’s native state of Texas. 

Photo courtesy of iheartradio