The debate over raising the minimum wage has ramped up in 2013. In fact, thirteen states have made the move to raise it.

It's not just going up in blue states. There are 'purple' states like Arizona and Florida that have raised salaries. Political analyst Bill Miller says you could see the issue pop up in next year's Governor's race.

“It’s a great political debate the campaign is going to have,” Miller told KTRH.

And it likely will be brought up by Democrat candidate Wendy Davis.

“They’ve got to weigh the pros and cons of this,” Miller said. It’s something they need to consider, but it comes with a price.” 

Michael Saltsman at the Employees Policies Institute says it's an issue Republicans struggle with.

“They start talking about business expenses as opposed to the people who are hurt by these policies,” Saltsman explained to KTRH. “If you’re a Democrat it’s an easy way to make it appear you care about low income workers.”

But will raising the minimum wage work in Texas? Miller doesn't think so.

“The prospects for that happening in Texas are dim. Anyone expecting success hasn’t lived in the state very long,” Miller stated.” There will be a push, but it has to have a lot of success in other places before it takes root here in Texas.”