Is it just bad parenting by baby-boomers? 

A marketing study suggests Millennials feel entitled, lack a work ethic and are more than willing to take credit for somebody else's efforts.  Licensed professional counselor Lori Vann says we need to look at mom and dad for their part in causing this reality.

“Absolutely,” Vann says.  “A lot of these Millennials have been put at a great disadvantage because their parents didn't set proper boundaries with them and contributed to them feeling entitled.”

Vann stresses there are a lot of good young adults who work very hard, living lives of integrity and purpose.  Their parents should feel good about the job they did.  But, the bad ones…

“(They like they are) entitled,” she says.  “They expect things to just come naturally and they seem have difficulty with the concept of having a work ethic.”

The study indicated they’re often willing to take credit for work done by others.