We’ve all complained about our boss at one point in time, right? But a new poll shows that the majority of you would rather work for a man than a woman.

The new poll from Gallup shows that most of us do have a gender preference when it comes to having a boss. Sixty percent of those asked said they had a preference between men and women bosses. And among that 60%, the majority said they'd rather work for a man.

“I would prefer a male boss. They aren’t as biased as some women,” Beth told KTRH.

Some of you told us that male bosses just get to the point in terms of what they expect.

Chuck said that “I like short, to the point answers. Women are more elaborate.”

Trisha agreed, saying that, “Men are less chit-chatty.”

Some of you thought female bosses were biased.

“It wasn’t as fun. It was more serious. And I think she favored women more than me,” Anthony stated.

But not everyone we talked to was comfortable making a choice.

“I’ve had good and bad experiences with male and female bosses,” Isabelle told us.

So as you see, there is still some political correctness when it comes to this. But the majority of you, at the end of the day, told us you'd rather work for a man.