After Sunday's meltdown lots of Texans fans want to see a different quarterback at Kansas City. But running back Arian Foster says everyone's to blame.

"We're not executing when we need to; converting third downs; staying on the field, giving our defense a chance. We're just putting them in terrible situations; turnovers, penalties. You're not gonna win in this league like that."

It was a total team implosion Sunday and now Matt Schaub is injured.

Sportstalk 790 host Greg Koch, a member of the Packers’ hall of fame, says he's not sure Texans fans actually cheered Schaub's injury, but he says fans are allowed to complain.

"A professional athlete is being paid millions of dollars to perform. You don't get to have it both ways. You don't get to go out there and say 'love me, adore me, want my autograph, buy my jersey' and then when you play bad expect the fans to just sit there and say nothing."

Koch says he'd start Schaub if possible.

"If he's available to go there's no doubt in my mind that Matt Schaub will be the quarterback under center against the Kansas City Chiefs. I think he does give us the best chance to win."

Backup TJ Yates threw two picks -- one a 'pick six' -- in relief of Schaub. So what about Houston Cougars' star Case Keenum?

"Is that kind of game you wanna throw your first time quarterback that's never played in an NFL game -- is that the situation you wanna throw him into?"

The undefeated Chiefs have a vicious pass rush and what's been measured as the loudest stadium in the league.

By the way, the Texans set a dubious record Sunday. The Elias Sports Bureau says Yates’ ‘pick six’ marked the first time an NFL team has thrown an interception returned for a touchdown in five consecutive games.