As we get closer to the implementation of Obamacare, its full cost is starting to become clear. But analysts say your costs will wind up going higher even if Texas doesn’t expand Medicaid.

Texas is one of 21 states that are not expanding. Rice's Mark Jones says that will wind up affecting each and every one of you.

“We will end up paying more to subsidize the care for the uninsured. Our tax dollars are going out of Texas and to states that are engaging in the expansion,” Jones told KTRH. “Harris County tax payers that pay into our hospital district are going to wind up paying for people because when they show up at the emergency room they are still get treated when otherwise the government would have picked up the tab.”

And as we get closer to Obamacare going into effect, politicians like Texas Senator John Cornyn are now calling for the law to be defunded.

“Obamacare has disappointed some of its most ardent former supporters,” Cornyn said on the Senate floor. Unions were among the biggest supporters. Not they are having second thoughts, and in some cases, buyer’s remorse.”

Jones says this is just the latest weapon being used by Obamacare opponents.

“They will look for anything possible, whether it’s funding or expansion, to try and blunt the implementation of Obamacare,” Jones explained.

So will we ever get true health care reform?

“The way that it’s being done means that it’s going to partial and that we will see many setbacks during this process,” Jones explained.

In other words, Jones says, not for a very long time.