The U.S. Census Bureau says the population of white Americans is dwindling, but researchers here in Texas aren’t surprised by the numbers.

More white Americans died than were born between July of 2011 and July of 2012.  Steve Murdock of Rice University says in Texas, that’s been the story for a long time.

“It’s been going on since 2003 or 2004. Projections say that by 2050 we will only be 21% non-Hispanic white. We’ll be about 55% Hispanic,” Murdock told KTRH. “I don’t think it’s surprising. It’s a different story nationally.”

In fact minority population in Harris County is now at 67.8%. One reason we are seeing this population shift is the economy. The other, according to Murdock, is age.

“The white population is older than the population of other ethnic groups in Texas,” Murdock stated.

Murdock says the average age of white women in Texas is 42 while the average age of Hispanic women in Texas is 28.

“There are a lot of reproductive years between 28 and 42,” Murdock stated.