President Obama continues to push for approval of his $3.7B request to help with the crisis at the Texas-Mexico border. And it sounds like the White House is putting a rush on things.

In a briefing for Senators last night, White House officials repeated what they've been saying; that ICE will run out of money for this in mid-August. Texas Senator Ted Cruz told Matt Patrick on KPRC AM 950 he hasn't decided which way to vote yet.

“There are some good elements in the bill. The most significant thing it does is correct some of the unanticipated consequences of the 2008 bill,” Cruz said.

But he has a problem with the White House blaming the crisis on President George W. Bush's policies and a bill that was passed six years ago.

“We didn’t see this spike in 2008, 2009, 2010 or 2011. That’s four years where it stayed fairly constant,” Cruz explained. “The cause of the crisis was not the 2008 bill. Their narrative is that everything bad is George Bush’s fault.”

So, have been any other Senate proposals besides the John Cornyn/Henry Cuellar HUMANE Act as an alternative to the president's proposal?

“In the Senate, sadly, I have seen no indication of any Democrat willing to do anything to address this crisis. Nothing. Zero,” Cruz told Patrick.

Adding to the President's problems is a new poll from the Pew Research Center showing that only 28% approve of how he is handling this crisis. And there an intelligence report says many illegals are coming here not because of violence but because they think they'll get a pass to stay. And many of them are in fact expecting to stay.

In fact, 95% according to the report think they'll be able to stay. William Gheen of ALIPAC told KTRH the problem could get worse.

“There’s a new, larger movement of illegal aliens on the way. It’s a tsunami that we can’t even measure. But it’s larger,” Gheen told KTRH News.

Gheen says the President and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson are sending mixed messages when they tell illegal immigrants to stay at home.

“Johnson and Obama are saying that to English speaking audiences while a different message is being broadcast to illegal immigrants by the Spanish media,” Gheen explained.

That is why he says we've seen protests in Murrieta, CA and other places, like Vassar, Michigan. And more are coming. Gheen's group has combined with others to set up numerous protests on Friday and Saturday. He says more than 300 are planned.

“We want to repeat the success of Murrieta, California and show support for the people that blocked the buses,” Gheen stated.

One of those protests is planned for the Mexican Consulate here in Houston on Friday. What is the goal of these protests?

“We want to throw out as many amnesty supporting lawmakers as possible,” Gheen said.