If you want to schedule a last minute doctor’s appointment, your best bet will be a Tuesday.  And coincidently that’s also the most popular day for appointments.

Stacy Sendler is a public relations associate for Zoc-Doc and told KTRH News, “Some exceptions to that rule would be pediatricians, and the most popular day for those appointments is Monday; for dieticians we found the most popular day is Wednesday, kind of your midweek check-up, ‘How am I doing?’; and for specialties that tend to be more stress reducing such as acupuncture and chiropractors Friday is their busiest day.”

An online service call Zoc-Doc, which assists patients with finding doctors and scheduling appointments, compiled a year’s worth of data to determine trends and averages.

If you hate sitting in a waiting room, you definitely want to avoid Thursday, the slowest day of the week, and aim for Monday.

In a list of ailments men are more likely to schedule appointments for -- shoulder problems top the list, followed by sleep problems, high blood pressure, warts, sports injuries and hearing problems.