If you watch your investments closely, you might be a bit worried about what’s been happening on Wall Street lately. But many analysts thought this might happen after the records set last year.

However, certified financial planner Bill Dendy won't say it's the end of the bull market.

“Corrections are normal. They happen regularly. We should always be prepared for a 20% pullback, Dendy said.

Some economic indicators, like last week's unemployment numbers might be why we're seeing this.

“With that kind of news we get tapering of the support we get from the government,” Dendy stated.

So what is going to happen to your 401K?

"For those who have 401K’s in guaranteed contracts, they are totally unfazed by the ups and downs,” Dendy explained. “On the flip side they aren’t seeing the kind of returns they do when the market is doing well.

Despite the decline we’ve seen, there might be a positive to what we're seeing on Wall Street. Younger investors could actually get into the market.

“They feel like they’ve missed the opportunity to get in at good prices. They’d like to get into the marketplace,” Dendy said.

And that would be good news for your portfolio.

“People coming back into the market creates more demand and brings the price right back up,” said Dendy, whose services are offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC.