Sub-freezing temperatures in Houston, record lows and snowfall all across the U.S., so what happened to global warming?

Those who believe in "global warming" or "climate change" will tell you that's exactly what is causing ice storms in Houston, while Alaska sees 60 degree weather and drought continues to devastate California.


“Ninety-seven percent of climate experts are saying that global warming is a reality,” says Rachel Stone with the group Environment Texas.

“CO2 and other global warming pollution has been on the rise, its been significant and scientists have linked it to extreme weather,” she tells KTRH News.

Still, some meteorologists aren't so sure of that.

“This has been a colder than average winter, but part of the problem is there's a big blocking high pressure system over Greenland, and if you can imagine a nice flow of traffic with the jet stream, its running right into that high and buckling down south,” says Local 2 Chief Meteorologist Frank Billingsley.


The veteran hurricane tracker believes the rise and fall of ocean temperatures has the biggest impact on weather conditions.


“I can tell you that we saw a big swing in temperatures in the ocean about 1995, and that's when we saw a warming Atlantic and a big uptick in hurricane formations,” he tells KTRH News.


Along with that arctic jet stream, Billingsley says the polar ice cap actually grew last year, and the Pacific is colder than usual.