Mother’s Day is this Sunday and as you’re racing to find the appropriate gift, here are a couple things to keep in mind. 

Lindsey Roberts is with, and says subscription boxes are all the rage if you’re looking for a last minute gift item.  It’s a monthly gift of surprise contents delivered once a month, and can be fruit, flowers, clothing, or practically anything mom likes.

“That’s something you can order an hour before your mother’s day brunch, print up a gift certificate, and then it will come repeatedly every month,” she told KTRH.  “We really like one called Olive Box for paper products.”

Her big recommendation is a DIY gift, such as silhouette art.  She says it’s not as hard as you think and has step-by-step directions at her website here for this easy project.

Knowing what not to get is as important as knowing what to get.

Colleen Rickenbacker is an etiquette expert and says there are things to avoid when you want to demonstrate to mom your gratitude for a life of unconditional love.

Top of the list is a diet product that says, Mom – you’re overweight.  Gym membership, as much as she might appreciate it, is a no-no.  Save it for another time.

Wrinkle cream is also high on the list.  Nothing reminds mom of her wrinkles and the speed at which gravity is reshaping her existence than wrinkle remover.

Roses are lovely and always appropriate for Valentine’s Day, but there are better flower selections for Mom’s special day – something bright and fresh guaranteed to bring a smile to her face.

Mother may be a lifelong pet-lover, but Mother’s Day is not a good time to expand the herd.  Perhaps a thoughtful donation to a local shelter or the SPCA would be a better choice.  If she’s hinted she’d love a dog or cat, maybe you could provide a collar or bed.  Pets are lifelong and personal commitments that individuals should make for themselves.

Mops, brooms, general cleaning products – not good choices.  Even if mom is a clean freak, Mother’s Day is about celebrating something other than cleaning skills. 

The best gifts are those that are personal and have been personalized.  Flowers from the grocery store and a box of candy say, “I can read a calendar.”  Cards are always appreciated, and mom may be the type to save it in a drawer for years.  The more you can personalize it and remind her of the special connection only you and she share, the more meaningful it will be.