It's August in Scotland so that means...snow? Forecasters say it could happen this month and the rest of Britain expects cold rain. All of this is bad news for tourism because it'll be too cold to go to the beaches. 

Jill Hasling, president of Weather Research Center, says the reason it's so cold in Europe is because of the harsh winter.

"There was record snow and what happens when you have the snow on the ground; the energy from the Sun is reflected back to space -- it's the Albedo Effect. So you have cooler temperatures."

Hasling says, overall, the planet is warming. But it's doing so slowly, over thousands of years. So if you look at any one particular year it can present a misleading image of the overall pattern.

"Year to year you've got to look at each year and what is the impact and we had a very cold winter with lots of snow which has caused this cooler summer."