Investigators say they are getting closer to finding out what caused the explosion at the chemical plant in West, Texas. At the same time they warn some questions will remain unanswered. State Fire Marshall Chris Connealy says some answers may come sooner than you think.

“Our goal is to have the cause part of the investigation completed by the tenth,” Connealy told reporters in Austin.

But he admits not everyone will be happy with what could be announced.

“If we eliminate all these other causes, but get down to two and cannot eliminate the other one, it’s going to have to be undetermined,” Connealy explained.

State officials testified in Austin about the disaster, as lawmakers wanted to know if any state regulation could have prevented it. Representative Joe Pickett told KTRH the answers aren't so simple.

“There are so many questions as to who has any oversight or who may be responsible. There is no one to blame or point a finger at,” Pickett said.

Pickett said there was nothing state agencies could have done to prevent the accident.

“What we really learned is that this situation is something that local communities need to be made aware of,” Pickett stated.

There is good news for the people of West trying to rebuild. President Barack Obama expanded the emergency declaration for the town. That means individual families can get federal aid to help pay for temporary housing, home repairs and other expenses from FEMA.