If you want to have a longer life, you might want to consider stopping some bad habits you might not even realize you have. And those habits could shorten your life span. For instance, laughing more.

“It’s so important. That’s one thing kids can teach us about. They laugh quite a bit compared to us,” therapist Mary Jo Rapini said.

Rapini says we need to find things to do that helps us release some of our stress. Another thing that's hurting us is our use, and maybe overuse, of prescription medication Dr. Jeff Kalina of Houston Methodist says we're not always so careful with it.

“Taking medications you don’t need can have unforeseen side effects and unforeseen impacts on other medications you are taking,” Kalina explained to KTRH.

Another thing we do is eat unhealthy foods. Kalina is frustrated because the message about eating right is all over the place.

“You can talk about it. You can put posters up. You can make public service announcements. But what is really needed is direct education,” Kalina stated.

So what can you do? Rapini says take it one step at a time.

“Little changes can have huge results. Start out by changing one thing and focus on making that change for five minutes. You won’t notice it taking too much time. The benefits are going to be phenomenal,” Rapini said.

Some other things that we're doing to hurt our chances for a long life – stress, having a long commute, sleeping too much, not sleeping enough, staring at a computer screen all day and not having enough sex.