There's nothing like dining out at a good restaurant, that is until some unruly kid start yelling and running through the restaurant.

A Japanese bistro in Calgary is now offering a five dollar discount for “well behaved kids.”

Richie Jackson at the Texas Restaurant Association calls it a novel idea.

“Its a gentle and friendly reminder there other patrons there who want to enjoy the dining experience, so please take care of your children and make sure they are well behaved,” Jackson tells KTRH News.

Houston restaurateur Steve Christian says managers are faced with this dilemma on a nightly basis.

“Can you please work with your children, we've got some other guests that are concerned and complaining?” says the owner of Christian's Tailgate. “So you have to provide that reminder always, and I think that positive approach is a great reminder.”

“If you bring your kids to a nice restaurant, a $20-25 plate restaurant, obviously you want to take care of your kids because there are other people who are spending their hard earned money too,” he says.

The idea must be spreading.  A Seattle restaurant received lots of attention when it offered a similar discount last year.

No word on any well behaved kids discounts here in Houston.