You might want to know if there was a mass murder committed in that house you’re about to purchase.

Superstition is only half of the equation. A history like that can affect the value of your home when you're ready to re-sell. And, bear in mind, there's no law saying the seller has to tell the buyer.

That's why Roy Condrey has created the website DiedInHouse,com.

“Difference in Texas is,” Condrey says, “your Realtor Association, they ask for it on their disclosure law, if there was a murder or suicide in that house.”

But, no law says anybody has to tell you.

Condrey says sellers have to disclose physical problems, but not the criminal history.

“What you have to disclose by law is a water leak, an aged roof, a cracked foundation, but those things can be repaired and totally removed,” he points out. “But, here in Houston, you can never remove the fact that Andrea Yates drowned her five children in a home.”