If the cooler temperatures don’t keep you out of the water this Spring Break, a warning about high bacteria levels might.  The Galveston County Health District  has issued an advisory about the elevated bacteria levels at a handful of testing stations along the coast.  Those areas are between Fort Crockett Seawall Park and Stewart Beach No. 2.  There are no advisories for the Bolivar Peninsula.


Kurt Koopman with the Galveston County Health District told our TV partner Local 2 that the high levels are probably due to the recent heavy rains and that they should go down quickly. Now that the high levels have been detected, the water will be tested daily until the levels return to normal He stressed that this type of bacteria is NOT the fleshing eating kind that has been known to kill or maim people. 


There are no swimming restrictions at this time in Galveston, and the beaches remain open.  Koopman does warn against going in the water if you have open cuts or sores, or if you have a weakened immune system