Dozens of law enforcement officers hit the streets this weekend, arresting people who haven't paid their child support.  Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen says you didn't pay, you skipped court and now they're coming for you.


“Now we're just going to come knocking on your door or come knocking on your work address,” Rosen says.  “We're going to come where you are, because you have obviously failed to heed all the notices we've given you in the past about this being a problem.”


A total of 755 warrants were cleared last year.  Rosen says “Operation Take Care" will continue until everyone has paid or they have been put in handcuffs and taken to jail.  It would be best if those whose names are on the list would try to work something out.


“We want to work with people,” he says, “but we also want them to know the seriousness of what we intend to do.  You need to come in and make these arrangements or you are going to be arrested.”