As we get into the month of September many of you are keeping an eye on your investments. Many of you are watching your 401k. You are all hoping to see positive signs after the slow month of August Wall Street went through.

And slow is a good way to describe the lack of trading on Wall Street last month.

“In the summer we normally see slow trading, but this summer was one of the slowest I’ve seen since 2006,” financial planner Richard Rosso told KTRH.

Rosso says people are fooling themselves if they think the slow month was just because of summer vacations.

“The individual investor is not engaged. And there are firms that are simply gone after the financial crisis,” Rosso said.

And he thinks we could see the trend continue.

“There are global issues, debt ceiling issues and some slowing of the economy,” Rosso explained.

So what should you be prepared for if you are investing?

“You might be in for more volatility and you have to decide if you are comfortable with that,” Rosso stated.

His advice?

“If you’ve been with a portfolio for an extended number of years and you feel comfortable and you’ve been through a few Septembers then you just need to weather it out,” Rosso explained.