More than 90,000 ballots have been mailed to Harris County voters who requested to vote by mail in the Nov.8 election.

That’s the most ballots ever mailed in Harris County for any election.

“The Super Bowl of elections has kicked off,” says County Clerk Stan Stanart, the chief election officer.

“Voters who have submitted a request to vote by mail will be receiving their ballot in the coming days.  Voters should stay alert and watch their mailbox,” Stanart says.

“This initial batch of ballots includes voters who submitted a request for a mail ballot as of Sept. 23 of this calendar year,” he says. “Requests to vote by mail, which are received before the Oct. 28 deadline, will be promptly processed and dropped in the mail for delivery.”

Voters receiving mail ballots are encouraged to vote and return the ballot – “without delay,” Stanart says -- following these steps:

--Use black or blue ink to mark your choices on the ballot.

--Place the voted ballot in the ballot envelope and seal it.

--Place the ballot envelope in the enclosed pre-addressed County Clerk carrier envelope.

--Seal the carrier envelope and sign where indicated – signed “exactly as you signed the ballot by mail request,” Stanart says.

--Add a postage stamp.

--Mail the carrier envelope containing your ballot early enough for receipt well before Election Day.

“There are approximately 392,000 voters in Harris County who meet the age requirement to vote by mail.  I would not be surprised if the number of mail ballot requests for this election exceeds 100,000,” Stanart says.

Registered voters in Texas can vote by mail if they are away from their county, both on Election Day and during the early voting period; are sick or disabled; are 65 years old on Election Day; or confined in jail, but eligible to vote.


To find an application to vote by mail and other election information, visit the Harris County Clerk’s Office election website or call 713-755-6965