Shocking allegations against a Houston doctor under investigation for performing illegal late-term abortions.

Much like the recent case of Philadelphia's Kermit Gosnell, local abortionist Douglas Karpen is accused of killing newborn babies.

Three former employees blew the whistle via a videotaped expose with Texas-based anti-abortion group Life Dynamics.

“I thought well its abortion, that's what he does,” says one of the former employees in the video.

The Harris County District Attorney's office confirmed the investigation but would not talk about it.  Calls by KTRH News to Karpen's office were not returned.

In the video, the three women explain how they watched Karpen end pregnancies well past the 24 weeks allowed by Texas law.  The allegations are disturbing, and go so far to suggest some of the babies were alive.

“He (Karpen) thought it was dead,” claims one of the women.  “The fetus opened his eyes and was able to grab his finger.”

Attorney Briscoe Cain is working with the pro-life group Operation Rescue.  He says if the allegations are true, Karpen should be charged with first-degree murder.

“Under current Texas law, the killing of an unborn child in any stage of gestation is defined as a form of homicide,” Cain tells KTRH News.

He says the women offered extremely graphic pictures and video to back up their stories.

“The District Attorney's office put some staff on the investigation of this matter to look into the allegations and find out if these pictures are a correct representation of what was happening there,” says Cain.

In Philadelphia this week, Gosnell was sentenced to three life terms in prison as part of plea deal which spared him the death penalty.  The lead prosecutor called the case “arguably the most gruesome” he's ever seen.