Galveston emergency responders train to be ready in case an active shooter opens fire on the UTMB campus.

The session yesterday afternoon involved both campus police and Galveston EMS.  They say want to be ready to deal with a situation which is coming up more often in recent years.
UTMB Police Chief Thomas Engells says staff has been trained in the run, hide and fight principles of response to active shooters...

“If that fails, and you have the opportunity and the inclination,” Engells says, “you would confront the active shooter for the purposes of disarming him or her.”

The exercise was limited to one upper floor at the hospital and many people didn't even notice.

“You have people on edge, so they're emotional,” he says.  “And, one of the concepts we're trying to employ here is to insure that security is always our concern at the hospital.”