The problem is, we compare outselves to the friends and family on Facebook.  That’s what makes us sad. 

It was a small sample, but a study out this week associates the social media website with a decline in happiness.  Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein says it's all those happy messages from our Facebook friends, pictures of their European trips and on-the-job promotions.

“Well, how did they get that and I got this?”  That’s what she says we start thinking.  “Or, why are they doing this and I'm not?  And, we do question our own abilities or our own successes, instead of embracing our successes.”

Dr. Hartstein says kids are abandoning Facebook, not because it makes them sad, but because mom is on there.

“The kids are leaving because it's not as cool,” she explains.  “Their parents are on Facebook and they don't want to deal with their parents, or they don't want 'Hi, Sweetie' put on their Facebook page.”

They’re going to Twitter – and other websites.