The Beatles sang, "All we are saying is give peace a chance," and maybe it's working.  According to the 2014 Global Peace Index, this is the most peaceful century in human history.  Ironically, Europe is the most peaceful region, and based on abstract variables, the U.S. ranks 101st in a list of 162 countries in the world, down from 97 last year.

“Part of the reason the United States comes out so poorly, I think, is while it’s certainly true we have the largest military budget in the world, even if we weren’t ranked number one, because we’re a very large country, we’re going to be spending more than smaller countries,” says Rice University Professor and Albert Thomas Chair of Political Science Dr. Richard Stoll

The most peaceful countries, in order, are Iceland, Denmark and New Zealand

“This is a very complicated index,” Dr. Stoll tells KTRH News.  “It lumps together a whole bunch of different things, some of which have to do with what is going on domestically in a country, some of which has to do with its potential involvement in conflict around the world.”

Indicators include the absence of violence, fear of violence, crime, incarcerations, and the degree of militarization.

What can't be measured is how much of that world peace is because of the U.S?