The Service Employees International Union is paying millions of dollars to run a series of ads on national television and radio, including in the Houston market. The ads urge people to call their congressman in support of the immigration reform legislation now before the Senate.

The President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC says the message is, “intentionally deceptive.”

William Gheen says most Americans support the idea of people obtaining their citizenship, but his organization doesn’t think the pathway to citizenship is appropriate for individuals in this country illegally.  “Sure, that’s what American is about, and we’re all supportive of it,” Gheen says.  “That’s why we named our organization Americans for Legal Immigration.”

He continues, “These aren’t just people, these are illegal immigrants.”

SEIU Secretary Treasurer Eliseo Medina says the immigration reform legislation has broad support from independents and members of both parties.  Medina says, “We need to get this done and do it right.”

Medina thinks it could be passed before the fall recess for Congress.  He says it could be passed this month in the U.S. Senate.  “If we can get it passed in the House, then the conference committee and, God willing, you know, by fall we actually have comprehensive immigration reform.”