About 28,000 Texans have a hundred or so toll violations and TxDOT has come up with an idea to do something about it: shame. The scofflaws who didn't pay up by the deadline yesterday are on a web site this morning.

TxDOT's Veronica Beyer says these drivers owe the state $27-million.

"There has been constant communication with these people through letters and through phone calls but they just refused to pay. So now it's time to pay up and we have to take a hard line."

Beyer says publishing the names will get action.

"We publish their name so that everyone knows who these people are. We can ban their vehicles from using TxDOT toll roads and we can also potentially block the renewal of their vehicle's registration."

The deadline to have paid up was Noon yesterday.       

"We're taking a hard line; this is serious. The state should not be owed $27-million; we need that money to pay debt; we need that money to fund operation of these roads. So we're giving these people one last chance to do the right thing and pay up or their names are going to be published."