The Texas Department of Transportation says almost 20 thousand people were injured last year and more than 500 died in distracted-driving crashes.  The latest campaign to stop texting while driving is called "Talk, Text, Crash."  Patricia Small's daughter was killed by a driver who was texting when he caused a head-on crash.

“A hundred million people drive our freeways daily,” Small says, “and 10 percent of them -- as we speak -- are on their cell phones.”

Law enforcement authorities say driver distractions caused 95-thousand traffic crashes last year in Texas.  TxDot points that 505 people died in those distracted driving crashes. 

Reaction times double when you're reading or sending a text message.  They say, at 55 miles per hour, that's like driving the length of a football field blindfolded. 

They also say when you're driving, put the phone away -- put it in your trunk if that's what you have to do.