The president's admission he screwed up over Obamacare hasn't stopped Texas Democrats and state union leaders from blaming Republicans for the failed roll out.

Hours after it was revealed fewer than 3,000 Texans were able to sign up for health care through the government's website, State Rep. Chris Turner and others placed blame on the Perry administration for refusing to develop a state exchange.

“I just with Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and General Greg Abbott had that political courage so the people of Texas could benefit,” the Arlington Democrat said during a conference call.

The criticism continued with Ed Sillis at the AFL-CIO.

“Our governor, our attorney general, our U.S. Senators, Republican members of Congress want to repeal every syllable of the ACA,” said Sillis.  “When any element of the roll out runs into difficulty they cry out the government has to do better.”

Congressman Steve Stockman calls it hogwash.

“The wheels are falling off and now they're trying to blame Republicans, that's absurd,” says the Friendswood Republican.  “We're sitting in the back of the car, they're driving the car, we're not getting blamed for the car wreck.”

“Republicans offered an olive branch when we were doing negotiations, Obama refused,” says Stockman.  “I'll bet you $10 he's looking back and wishes he took that deal.”

Governor Perry's office issued a statement saying: “Texans aren't the reason Obamacare is failing, Obamacare is the reason Obamacare is failing.”

It went on to say whether it's the federal website or broken promises, Texans understand Obamacare is a failure of public policy.