New ratings from Consumer Reports put two Houston hospitals at the top of the list.  The surgery ratings track how patients do after scheduled surgeries, like back surgery, hip replacement and angioplasty.

Eighty-six types of surgeries were measured -- and the numbers seem to show specialty hospitals did better when it comes to how the patients fared after their procedure.

Dr. John Santa is medical director for Consumer Reports Health.

“The TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital and the Texas Orthopedic Hospital had higher performance ratings, says Dr. Santa.  “In fact, TOPS got our best grade.”

Santa says general hospitals like Memorial City Hermann Medical Center, St. Luke's and Methodist tended to score lower.  But, there are some explanations for the differing scores.

“Usually their concerns are -- wait a minute, we have the sickest patients, or we do the most complicated operations,” he explains, “and, did you treat us fairly?”