Internet addiction is becoming a real problem for some people.

They can't turn it off and, when it gets that bad, they can put themselves in the Center for Internet Addiction in Tampa, Florida.  Center founder and Dr. Kimberly Young says we're not talking about people who just use productivity tools a lot. 

“You're really talking about somebody that might spend 12 hours a day,” Dr. Young explains, “every day, gambling online, gaming online, looking at pornography.”

At the center, enrollees are stabilized, observed by medical professionals and de-toxed -- kept away from going online -- for 72 hours.  The 10-day stay can cost 14 thousand dollars.

“Making better choices about your internet use, using as a productivity tool,” she says, “and not just the games, the gambling, the porn, or whatever else you're addicted to.  That, you might have to abstain from.”