You might have a friend that hasn’t fully recovered from the financial crisis of 2008. Maybe you haven’t fully recovered. And because of that, many of you are doing and selling things to make ends meet they never thought they’d have to do.

And it's nothing illegal. People are selling breast milk, eggs and even hair to stay afloat. There are websites where you can sell your hair or breast milk all over the internet. Nick Colas of Convergex told KTRH it's becoming more popular.

“You’ll find that when you type ‘I want to sell my’ one of the auto-fills you get is ‘hair.’ Those are done by Google based on what the most common conclusions to those queries might be,” Colas said.

Colas says it’s becoming more common as time goes by.

“People are doing what they have to do to make ends meet. It’s a common theme. We see it in a lot of the economic work we do,” Colas explained.

And Colas says it’s because the recovery from the crisis five years ago has been slow and painful.

“For some Americans it’s worked out okay, but for millions of Americans there is still a big hole in their budget,” Colas stated.

And it's because of the slow economy. One Houston woman who wants to remain anonymous told KTRH in an email she is selling her breast milk because of her economic situation. And a recent study says 54% of Americans aren't making the same money they made five years ago.