It was a scary and deadly night in North Texas as at least ten tornadoes touched down as a result of a line of storms that made their way through the area.

The storms rolled through at about 8 o'clock last night. The National Weather Swervice has deemed the twister was a classification EF4, with wind speeds up to 200mph.

One resident said, “My neighbor’s truck got smashed. Another neighbor got it a lot worse.”

The hardest hit town was Granbury. At least six are confirmed dead, more than 10 remain unaccounted for and as many as 100 injured. Hood County Sherriff Roger Deeds said it was like a scene out of the movies.

“Homes were heavily damaged and destroyed. Roads were blocked with debris. It was a war zone,” Deeds said. “People were found in homes and near homes.”

The tolls could rise as the day goes on. The twisters sent residents scrambling for safety.

“We barely made it out. There’s nothing left. Our neighborhood is gone,” one resident said.

Another resident said that, “It sounded like a train. We could feel the walls shaking.”

One local mother lost everything she had.

“I tried my best to stay calm for my kids because they were crying and screaming. There’s nothing left. There’s just nothing left,” she stated.

One local pastor did what they could to help his neighbors.

“We took some children in. They were in their homes when the tornado hit. All of their homes were destroyed. One boy was found underneath the rubble but he was okay,” the pastor explained.

Another town that was hit with Cleburne, where Mayor Scott Cain says they are trying to contain the damage.

“Power lines are down. It’s very dangerous. We’ve got first responders working that situation,” Cain explained.

Cain said the damage left in its wake is extensive.

“I drove through some of the neighborhoods. The damage is extremely severe. Houses were completely demolished. It was like a war zone trying to drive and navigate through trees and downed power lines,” Cain said.

There are no reports of deaths from that storm but there was potential for some injuries.

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