Open enrollment for Obamacare is only months away, but even top democrats are not sure it will work.

“People are going to be really confused, and I tell you, I just see a huge train wreck coming down,” Montana Senator Max Baucus said during a routine budget hearing last week.

“Small businesses have no idea what to do, what to expect,” said Baucus.  “They don't know what affordability rules are, they don't what penalties may apply, they just don't know.”

Baucus has reason to be concerned, according to the former president of the American Medical Association.

“There's no way to implement this properly because it's a flawed law to start with,” Dr. Donald Palmisano tells KTRH News.  “It takes away the liberty of the individual and it's so complex that people don't understand it and most people who voted for it did not read it.”

Palmisano doesn't expect the Obama administration to delay the health care law, but instead believes officials will start pointing fingers when things go wrong.

“This will continue to fail, the cost of insurance will go up, people will have trouble finding doctors,” he warns. “The government will say okay we're going to give you a trained nurse, they're going to have all these substitutes for the physician.”

Dr. Palmisano has authored editorials and books on health care reform.  He says price-fixing leads to loss of product and service, adding free enterprise trumps government micromanagement every time.