As we get closer to Election Day, the GOP is seen as having a good chance of not only keeping control of the House of Representatives, but regaining the control of the Senate they lost two years ago.

That is, if they can overcome one thorn in their side.

That thorn in their side is third party candidates. Tea party candidates were an issue for Republicans in the primaries, and now Libertarian candidates could pose a problem in November. University of Houston political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus says Republicans, more than Democrats, have to be careful.

“It hurts Republicans more because Libertarian candidates look more like Republicans than Democrats,” Rottinghaus explained. “Libertarian voters can peel off from Republicans because of their view on taxes and less government intervention abroad and at home.”

But Kathie Glass, running for Texas Governor as a Libertarian, says she's targeting everyone.

“I want to be a thorn in the side for everybody that is letting the Federal government roll over us,” Glass told KTRH. “I’m not targeting one party or the other. The two-party system is corrupt.”

And before you write third candidates off, Rottinghaus says they've had success.

“There have been past incidents where the Libertarian party candidate has done well enough to push the Republican candidate out of the running. And there are significant chunks of voters from both parties that would peel off just to get a Libertarian elected,” Rottinghaus explained.

Republicans need to win six seats in November to regain control of the Senate.