Thieves have found a new way to rob you blind: using your garage-door opener to get into your garage, and possible through an unlocked door into your home.      

Leaving a garage door opener in your unlocked vehicle parked in your driveway make it too easy for crooks.  They know where you live.

1st Precinct Constable Alan Rosen says law enforcement officials are seeing an increase in this type of crime.  And he said they are not only scouring neighborhoods for garage door openers, they’re also casing store parking lots, looking for opportunities.

If they get into your car in a parking lot, they can then look for an envelope with your address or see if your registration and insurance is in the glove box. 

Rosen says make sure you don't leave your garage door opener visible in your car to make it easy for the crooks to find a way into your home.