Player reactions to 13 losses in a row vary in the Houston Texans locker room.  The team ends its season with a game against Tennessee this weekend.  Sports Talk 790 host Adam Clanton says superstar J.J. Watt has been angry, because he's not used to losing.  Others react differently.

“There are other guys who have been around the franchise for a while, in some of its darkest days, and that includes Andre Johnson,” Clanton says, “who just kind of seems like he is numb to the whole situation.”

It's an odd setup for the season finale -- the team that wins will be hurting its draft position as it tries to build for the future.  Sure, it would stop that losing streak and end a horrible season on less of a downer, but it could also cost the Texans the top pick in the next draft.  Same situation for the Titans.  If they win, it could cost them, too.

“In a weird way,” he explains, “it's a division rivalry in which the winner probably has a lot more to lose in the way of draft picks, because we all know that five picks can be the difference between a superstar who can change your franchise and just another guy in the draft.”