There's as app available called Happify; the idea is that by applying scientific methods combined with new multi-platform technology you can train your brain to be happy with measureable results.

A lot of people aren’t happy with it, though.  Seems they don’t like having to register through Facebook and alerting every friend and family member that they’re not happy isn’t getting people to their “happy” place. 

“It’s almost like it’s become a destination,” says KTRH relationship expert Mary Jo Rapini.  “So people are trying to get there using social media and this app is the newest thing.”

Rapini cautions that it’s not likely to work.  She says a purpose-driven life and people you love who love you will get you to a place of happiness better than any app.

She says often times people ignore those around them, hoping technology can fulfill their needs.  “But that’s never going to come because you’re missing the point. The point is to be happy you have to feel good about the people you love, and feel loved, and that your life matters.”