What could be better than another medical research study?  Another medical research study touting the benefits of eating chocolate.

Caveat: we’re talking dark chocolate here.  The darker and richer the better.  None of that milk chocolate candy bar stuff.  Go cocoa.

Researchers have found daily consumption of cocoa led to increased brain function in elderly patient.  The August study was published in the journal Neurology.  Over the course of 30 days participants were given two cups of cocoa to drink daily.  Tests revealed an 8.3% improvement in blood flow to the brain and improved memory and thought processing function.

Other benefits shown in previous studies include:

Cardio-benefits: a 2012 study found the consumption of dark chocolate reduced the risk of stroke and heart attack in some patients.

 Better BMI: a 2012 study found that study participants who reported eating chocolate at least five times a week had lower body mass indexes than participants who ate less chocolate. 

Appetite reduction: thanks to the filling fiber naturally found in chocolate it has been found to be an appetite suppressant.