Federal officials are hoping up to 25 percent of all air travelers will be enrolled in the TSA pre-check program by the end of next year.  AirFareWatchdog.com President George Hobica says the speeded-up screening process is being expanded to 100 airports.  He says this is good news for everybody trying to get through security and to their gate...

“More and more people will be going through security checks much faster,” Hobica says, “and that will actually make the long shorter for everyone else who isn't in the pre-check program.”

This doesn’t mean security will be lax and just anybody can walk through an airport without being checked.

“They're still doing random checks, even if you're in the TSA pre-check program,” he says, “and you still get a full body scan and your luggage also gets scanned, so it's not like you can go through without being checked at all.”